QinetiQ Canada was established in 2014 when the QinetiQ Group in the United Kingdom (UK) made a strategic decision to invest in developing a new Canadian subsidiary. QinetiQ Group had already for many years been providing support to the Canadian DND and since 2014 that support has grown. QinetiQ Canada is now delivering significant benefits and savings to our customers forming trusted and established partnerships with numerous Canadian Defense and Government organisations.

QinetiQ in the UK was formed in July 2001 when the Ministry of Defence (MOD) split its Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) in two. The smaller portion of DERA was rebranded Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and remains part of the MOD. The larger part of DERA, including most of the non-nuclear testing and evaluation establishments, was renamed QinetiQ and prepared for privatisation. QinetiQ became a public private partnership in 2002 with the purchase of a stake by US-based private equity company the Carlyle Group.

In 2003 QinetiQ signed a 25-year Long Term Partnering Agreement (LTPA) under which it provides the UK MOD with innovative and realistic test and evaluation of military and civil platforms, systems, weapons and components on land, at sea and in the air. In February 2006 QinetiQ was successfully floated on the London Stock Exchange and the Carlyle Group sold its stake in the company.

QinetiQ’s achievements date back more than 100 years and include:

  • 1908 - Samuel Cody makes the first manned aeroplane flight in Britain at Farnborough
  • 1935 - The birth of the radar: The Daventry Experiment confirms that aircraft can be detected with radio-waves
  • 1942 - High speed wind tunnel opens to test prototypes of jets and spitfires at speeds of 600mph
  • 1945 - The Empire Test Pilots’ School is formed, training pilots in the art of experimental flights
  • 1946 - Portsdown’s Ralph Benjamin invents the technology behind the trackball and mouse
  • 1961 - The Ocean Basin at Gosport opens, the largest freshwater indoor tank in Europe
  • 1963 - Carbon Fibre’s high potential strength leads to an MOD patent and licenses to Rolls Royce, Morganite and Courtalds
  • 1966 - George Stubbs designs 105mm Light Gun at Fort Halstead
  • 1971 - Britain’s first satellite ‘Prospero’ launched, thanks to work done at Farnborough
  • 1972 - A remote controlled robot ‘The Wheelbarrow’ is designed for use by Army bomb disposal teams
  • 1975 - Tom Elliot & team at Malvern invent SPRITE, the first practical thermal imager, still in service on Tornadoes today
  • 1979 - Biphenyl Liquid Crystal and Malvern Crystal growth equipment wins the Queen’s Award for technological achievements
  • 1982 - Night vision goggle technology was developed and rushed into service during the Falklands War
  • 2010 - The Zephyr sets the world record for the longest flight for an unmanned air system
  • 2010 - The new ALARM radar provides early warning against low trajectory rocket attacks